About me

I was born in Naples (south of Italy) in 1979 and spent my childhood with American and Asian cartoons, Commodore mini computers and synth-pop music. Nothing special, a classic 80s child. Except the cartoons, I couldn’t imagine that the other two topics would strongly influence the rest of my life. After studying and some life experiences abroad, I started to work as a Designer, first as employee, then as freelancer. Time by time my interests in Design moved from Branding to Tech Industry. Thanks to this I have increased my knowledge in UX disciplines and more generally in digital business. In 2015, I moved to Hamburg (Germany) and gained job experiences in different markets. At the moment I work as a senior Product Designer for a company in the tourism industry, where I am responsible for the software’s user experience.

Some extra

  • Sometimes I’m invited for speeches
  • I’m still studying German
  • I’m a frequent reader + coffee lover